Get Some Sleep

Get Some Sleep

Getting some sleep time is part of healthy living. Rest is as vital as exercise and eating healthy.

Lack of quality sleep has far-reaching effects more than we realize.

It could result in gain weight, lower immunity, reduced productivity during, emotional imbalance and of course, tiredness.

Despite the dangers of insufficient sleep, some of us do not take our shuteye seriously.

In contrast, some just can’t get enough sack time, try as they may.


So if you find yourself tossing and turning way past midnight, here are some tips to help you get some rest.



Create and maintain healthy sleep pattern

Naturally, your body has a sleep-wake cycle which is known as circadian rhythm.

Finding and maintaining this rest pattern is most essential in your ability to get some sleep.

Find the best time to sleep and wake up daily and stick to it as much as possible.

However, make sure it is up to 7 hours at least.

This will function as your body’s alarm system once it gets used to it.

That way, you will often feel sleepy once that time draws near and wake up same way.


Avoid taking long naps late in the day

In as much as sleep is generally essential, long naps late in the afternoon can alter your night z’s.

If you sleep more than 30 minutes late in the afternoon, it may become difficult to get enough sleep when it is time for night rest.

Therefore, if you must take a nap during the day, make it less than 30 minutes early in the afternoon.


Manage the lights appropriately

The body’s melatonin hormone is regulated by light and the hormone in turn, regulates our circadian rhythm.

Your body system needs daylight to function maximally during the day and help you get some sleep at night.

Therefore, try and get some natural light daily. Walk your dog, exercise outside, or simply work or eat outside.

Alternatively, draw the curtains in your rooms or workstation to let in some natural light, work close to the windows.

In contrast, at night, reduce the screen/blue lights from your television and mobile devices.

These lights can disrupt your sleep pattern and the devices are often more stimulating than relaxing.

Try not to use these devices an hour before bedtime.

Secondly, tone down the lights or use the dark screen mode. Similarly, avoid lat night television.

Put off or at least dim the lights around you before you lay down to rest.


No coffees hours before bedtime

No matter how addicted you are to coffee or nicotine products, trust me, it is not the best thing to consume when you are trying to improve your sleep.

The caffeine in your coffee can still keep you awake more than eight hours after consumption.

Likewise, the nicotine you absorb while smoking.

If you must take the caffeine and nicotine, do so during the day.


Finding it difficult to go back to bed after waking up briefly?

        .Focus on relaxing your mind and body

        .Quit worrying and brainstorming

        .Take a glass of warm milk

        .Write down any disturbing ideas rather than worry over them.


Generally, sleeping well helps us function optimally even if the doctor did not say so.

Your body will always shout it. For a healthier, more productive life, get some more sleep.

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