Health Benefits of Pears–The Fruit from the Tree of Immorality

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If you are planning to make a healthy diet plan that fulfils your daily nutrition requirements, then you need to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your plan. And a fruit that is the best contender is pears. Pears should be a part of your diet because they are delicious, can be eaten in a variety of ways and have numerous health benefits. Be it dietary issues or blood pressure problems, eating pears regularly can help you fight them. To learn more about the health benefits of pears, keep reading.

· Facts about Pears

A pear tree represents immortality in Chinese mythology because of its long life. While the fruit can not make you immortal, including it in your diet can ensure a healthy and active life. The best part about pears is that you can eat them any way you want— fresh, dried or canned. Used as food during the prehistoric era, pears are a part of the food chain for centuries. They grow in cool temperate climates and have over 20 famous species. Pears contain a long list of nutrients, like copper, potassium, magnesium; hence, it is a healthy fruit. With 101-103 calories, an average sized pear offers much-needed nutrition without throwing your macros off.

· Health Benefits of Pears

Many people include pears in their diet for a tasty addition and yet they end up getting much more than that. You do not want to miss out on the benefits of eating pears regularly. So, if you are ready to make a healthy change in your life and stay active, explore some of the benefits that you will gain from pears.

1. Cancer Prevention

The cinnamic acid and anthocyanin content in pears helps reduce the risk of cancer. Researchers believe that cinnamic acid can also help fight cancer, which is why you should include it in your daily diet plan. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer proves the role pears play in lowering the risk of cancer. The study found that pears may lower the chances of lung cancer. You may think that preventing cancer is the only health benefit of pears, but there is still a long list ahead.

2. Improve Immunity

The fiber content of pears not only provides dietary benefits but also helps to improve immunity. Pears also have a high amount of vitamin C that also affects immunity positively. Combined with the antioxidants found in the fruit, vitamin C can help with white cell production that boosts immunity, which in turn keeps you safe from common and mild diseases.

3. Speed Healing

Pears are rich in vitamin C, which makes them the perfect food to eat when you get any injuries. The topical medicines work to heal the wound from the outside, while pears can help rebuild the cellular structure from within. The damaged tissues do not stand a chance against the high level of ascorbic acid in pears. Vitamin C accelerates wound healing and helps with restructuring tissue in various organs of the body.

4. Skin Care

To meet high beauty standards, you may end up spending frivolously on products that promise the world to you. Your skin and hair care products may be effective, but adding a pear to the mix will give you long-lasting results. Pears contain a significant amount of vitamin A, which helps take care of your skin and hair. Vitamin A reduces the early signs of aging by reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. So, if you worry about the condition of your skin, take advantage of one of the best benefits of eating pears instead of going under the knife. You can also pair pears with other foods rich in vitamin A to accelerate the process and get the flawless skin you have only dreamt of.

5. Increase Heart Health

Your heart is the central control of your body and keeping it in perfect health is the only way to live a healthy and productive life. Fruits, such as pears, and vegetables significantly contribute to heart health. The antioxidants in pears help keep your heart function in check and prevent several debilitating conditions from developing in your later years. The mineral potassium and the antioxidant glutathione in pears help control blood pressure and reduce the chances of a stroke. Pears help to increase blood flow to the organs and the other included minerals lower the cholesterol level in the body.

All in all, pears offer a complete package when it comes to heart health. If you include pears in your diet today, it will ensure you stay healthy when you grow old.

6. Lower Risk of Diabetes

People usually like the taste of the green varieties of pears, but the red ones also have great health benefits. Pears contain anthocyanins, which can significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. This plant compound has anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep the condition at bay. Furthermore, the fiber content of pears helps slow down the digestion process. It helps to regulate your blood glucose levels by making it difficult for the body to absorb carbs. So, if you have a family history of diabetes, it is best for you to take pears regularly. This way, you can protect yourself from diabetes and lead a healthy life.  Want to know about more health benefits of pears? Do not worry, the list continues.

7. Boost Bone Health

Pears have a high-mineral content which helps keep your bone density in check. Pears also have boron, which helps your body retain calcium. With a significant amount of calcium in your system, your bones get the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. Other minerals in pears such as magnesium, copper, manganese and phosphorous also contribute to keeping your bones strong and prevent bone mineral loss. All the minerals combine to make sure you do not suffer from any debilitating conditions like osteoporosis. This is one of the best health benefits of pears since almost 1.5 million people get fractures each year because of underlying bone health issues. So, if you do not want to be a part of these statistics, make sure you eat pears regularly.

8. Reduce Inflammation

Life can be hard when you have restricted mobility. Even the simplest of chores can become too difficult to complete, and the reason behind it can be inflammation. If you are suffering from swelling and pain, you can take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of pears. The fruit contains antioxidants and flavonoids that provide relief from pain and helps subdue any swelling. If you want to get rid of inflammation and alleviate the symptoms, eat pears. Health benefits include reduced pain from gout, arthritis, and any other rheumatic condition. By including it in your daily diet, you can break the cycle of pain and live an active life again.

9. Aid Weight Loss

If you are on a weight loss journey and want to include foods that can help you achieve the goal, then pears are right up your alley. You do not need to worry about the sugar content in the fruit because its low carb count is perfect for you. If you are following a restricted carb diet, the health benefits of pears will not ruin your fitness plans at all. In fact, they will be a delicious addition to your otherwise bland diet. They provide various nutrients that help you feel full for longer.

10. Optimize Digestion

About 60-70 million people suffer from dietary issues. These people are always looking for a way to relieve the symptoms. Fiber can help alleviate the dietary problems, and that’s where pears come in. A single serving of pear is enough to fulfil 18% of your body’s fiber requirement. And since the fiber found in pears is non-soluble, it helps hold the food together, making it easier for the digested food to pass through the intestines. By regulating your bowel movement, the fiber present also prevents constipation and helps treat diarrhea. So, all it takes is a single serving of pear to promote gut health and increase healthy bacteria in your stomach.

Now you have a clear idea about the health benefits of pears and why they are a must-have fruit in your daily diet. However, pears are not the only fruits that provide a long list of benefits. You can gather information about other fruits and their health benefits from a reliable source. Check out our website for other health-related blogs. We can help you lead a healthy, active and positive lifestyle by providing expert advice.

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