high Carb, Low-Fat Diet – Examining the Basics and Super Foods

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These days, many people are taking their health seriously. With different approaches, they try to keep abreast with the demanding life we lead these days. A healthy diet is an important factor to leading a healthy life so that the many stresses of a demanding career do not get to us. And with new diets sprouting frequently, people may find it difficult to keep up with the ones that are actually helpful. A savior in a sea of fad diets is the high carb, low-fat diet.

As the name specifies, the diet involves eating tons of carbs. On the other hand, you have to decrease the number of fatty foods. This simple diet is enough to help you accomplish your weight loss goals. It also works to get you the lean body that you have always dreamt of.

So, let’s discuss this amazing diet in detail so you can get started on your fitness journey soon.

· What Is a High Carb, Low-Fat Diet?

The first thing people worry about is decreasing their fat intake. You have to reduce your fat intake because it adds to your daily calorie count. So, to fulfil the requirements of the high carb, low-fat diet, you should get a maximum of 20% of your calories from fats. To meet your daily calorie count, you have to consume proteins and carbs.

However, the basics of this diet will change depending on your reason to take it up in the first place. For instance, if you are looking to add more muscle mass, you will have to increase carbs to about 50%, keep the fatty food at 20% and decrease the protein intake to 30%.

It is always best to get in touch with a dietitian and a professional trainer before starting a new lifestyle. Help from these professionals can help you set attainable goals and achieve them. It is also best to follow the diet for a few days and assess if it agrees with you or not. You have to experiment a bit first and once you are convinced that this is the right fit for you, you can start following it rigorously.

· Healthy High-Carb Foods

This may be a different concept for you, but not all carbs are the same. The ones that include refined sugar and grains are unhealthy. However, carbs from whole grains are the best nutrients you can get. If you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, we can help you out. Here is a list of some super healthy high-carb foods that can help you follow the high carb, low-fat diet easily. Let’s take a look!

1. Oats

Considered as one of the healthiest whole grain foods, you must include oats in your high carb, low-fat diet plan. They contain carbs, fiber and even have a good amount of protein, so they are considered as wholesome food. Several pieces of research prove its benefits and all the healthy ways it affects the body. But the best thing about these grains is that they help keep you feeling full for long. This simple fact about them makes them a great asset in your weight loss journey. So, if you are looking to lose some weight fast, the best thing is to include oats in your high carb, low-fat diet plan.

2. Blueberries

Apart from being delicious, these berries are a superfood. They contain almost 15% carbs and an array of other nutrients, including Vitamin C, K and manganese. They are a rich source of plant compounds and antioxidants. If you want to strengthen your body, they can help protect you from oxidative damage. This makes them one of the best fruits to make a part of your diet plan. So, if you are following the high carb, low-fat diet and want to add some flavor, blueberries are the right choice.

3. Apples

Another fruit that brings some sweetness in your life is apples. Although they do not have a high number of vitamins and minerals, they can provide almost 15% carbs. They are an essential part of a high carb, low-fat diet because they boast of a number of health benefits. From controlling blood sugar to reducing the risk of cancer, apples are a gift for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life.

4. Sweet Potatoes

A delicious twist to a simple potato, sweet potatoes a great way to increase your carb count in a high carb, low-fat diet plan. Containing almost 20-22% carbs, sweet potatoes are also a rich source of potassium, Vitamin C, starch and fiber. You also get a long list of antioxidants from them, which is why many people prefer them over potatoes. This trait allows them to lower the risk of disease. So, they do not just aid your weight loss journey, but they also work to keep you healthy.

5. Beets

With a high carb count and a rich source of minerals and vitamins, beets are a great food to include in your high carb, low-fat diet plan. You can get benefits from the plant compounds and the potent antioxidants they include. They are known to decrease your risk of contracting several diseases. Another great advantage they offer is lowering your blood pressure. If you are following a high carb diet to increase muscle mass, beet juice is of great help. Since it is high in inorganic nitrates, it can enhance your performance.

6. Quinoa

If you are looking for wholesome and natural foods, quinoa should definitely be on your list. Containing a whopping 22% carbs, the grain is a must-have for anyone who wants to give the high carb, low-fat diet a try. Apart from being a rich source of fiber and proteins, quinoa also has a long list of minerals. It also contains plant compounds. All these nutrients combine to make quinoa a superfood that improves blood sugar. Since it is gluten free, people who are allergic to gluten can also indulge themselves.

7. Bananas

Including a fruit in your diet plan is a great way to bring some variation and add some flavor too. The great thing about bananas is that they are full of nutrients that can aid you in your goal to lose weight or build muscle mass.

The high potassium content also helps people who have health conditions or blood pressure issues. They are also a rich source of Vitamin C and B6. They contain plant compounds too that make them a great source of starch. People who are new to dieting often find it hard to deal with the digestive issues that they tend to experience. Unripe bananas are a great remedy for that. So, all in all, you can add them in your high carb, low-fat diet.

· Things to Consider When Starting a High Carb, Low-Fat Diet

Now that you know about some super foods that can help you achieve your weight loss goals, you can start your journey right away. But hold on! There are a few things you need to consider. Keeping these things in mind will help you stay healthy and on your path.

Remember that you have to practice moderation. A high carb diet can make your body resistant to insulin. So, it is important to watch what you eat. If you pile your plate high with unhealthy carbs, it can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Similarly, you have to ensure that the fats you consume are from a good source. Since you would already be taking them in a limited amount, it is important you eat dietary fat. Make monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats a priority. Just increase the intake of nuts, seeds and fatty fish to fulfil this requirement. As long as you keep these factors in mind, you’ll be able to assess if this is the diet for you or not.


With this guide on high carb low fat diet, your fitness plans are now within your reach. You can easily reap the benefits of this diet and accomplish your weight loss goals. However, it is better if you get information about some other diets too. By weighing the pros and cons of each diet plan, you can find the one option that works best for you.

 So, if you want to look for some other options, we are here to help you. Browse through our health-related blogs and explore the diverse health topics that we discuss on our website. This is the time to take extra care of yourself and we have all the information you would need to make it happen!

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