Is Snoring Normal?

Is Snoring Normal?

Usually, snoring is normal in some circumstances. In fact, most people saw logs in their sleep, though most normal snoring are not loud enough to constitute nuisance. However, in some cases, it is abnormal and becomes a health challenge.

Wheezing is generally a nuisance to those around the person doing it. According to WebMd, about 45% of normal adults snore at least occasionally. Personally,

I would hardly sleep a wink when I am lying close to someone who is snoring loudly. For couples, it can result in serious fights or separate rooms.


What is snoring?

As against sleeping softly or quietly, it is basically noisy breathing while sleeping. One is said to be snoring when he/she makes hoarse noises through their nose or mouth during sleep.

Snoring means that there is partial obstruction to breathing when the snorer sleeps. If you cannot move air freely from your nose and throat while sleeping, it will cause the tissues around these organs to vibrate. Consequently, this gives off that harsh sound when some people sleep.


Is it normal or should you be more concerned?

For many people, it is normal. We would regard it as normal or abnormal depending on the frequency and underlying causes.

When it is just the usual vibrations caused by passage of air through a narrow airway, it could be regarded as normal.

As we get older, the muscles of the throat tend to relax more. So we notice that people snore more as they get older.

In addition, alcohol and sedatives cause the muscles to also relax more than usual. Hence, it is common to find people that don’t usually snore to do it on occasions when they take alcohol or sedatives.

Similarly, when most people lie on their back, the upper airway relaxes backwards, thanks to gravity. This may produce wheezing as the airways get obstructed.


Snoring is sometimes harmful

Snoring can be a symptom of health disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, blocked nasal airway due to allergy, nasal polyps or sinus infection, obesity, long soft palate and avula.

You should be concerned when you notice any of these symptoms in the snorer –

     .Gasping for breath upon waking up

     .High blood pressure

     .Morning headaches

     .Feeling of drowsiness during the day

     .Waking up with a feeling of being unwell

     .Chest pain during the night

     .Noticeable pauses in breathing while sleeping.


Here are some tips to help you avoid it

  1. Sleep on your side more often. Use a body pillow to help achieve this

     2. Avoid alcohol before bedtime

     3. Raise the head of your bed or add pillow

     4. Change your lifestyle to reduce your weight if you are obese.

     5. Improve your sleeping habits

     6. Check and remove the cause of the allergy if that’s the cause of your snoring.


For more complicated snoring, seek medical help as soon as possible.


If your sawing logs is normal, these tips will help but if it is not, please see a professional. Snoring can result in serious complications like heart attack or stroke.



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